Patient Safety

Patient Safety Author: Charles Vincent   BOOK CONTENTS This book addresses the wide-ranging subjects that constitute patient safety. This important topic is ‘…the foundation of good patient care…and the heart of healthcare quality’ (page ix). The author, a clinical safety research professor, sets out to explain ‘…the basic principles, characteristics and direction of the field’… Read More Patient Safety

Sources of Power

Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions Author: Gary Klein   BOOK CONTENTS This book is a comprehensive review of naturalistic decision making (NDM), the use of experience to make judgments in field settings. It describes how experts make decisions in dynamic situations characterised by time pressure, high stakes, inadequate information, ill-defined goals, and poorly defined processes… Read More Sources of Power

Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine: Doctors Doing Harm Since Hippocrates Author: David Wootton   BOOK CONTENTS This book is an exploration of Medicine’s murky past. The author, a history professor, shines a light at a time when medical practice was ‘a fantasy of science’ (page 11) that ‘…killed when it claimed to cure’ (page 8). Medicine’s preoccupation with prognosis… Read More Bad Medicine


Subliminal: The Revolution of the New Unconscious and what it Teaches Us about Ourselves Author: Leonard Mlodinow BOOK CONTENTS The contribution of the subconscious to human acts has captivated the imagination of lay people for centuries, and popularised by figures such as Sigmund Freud. This book sheds light on the scientific rather than the pseudoscientific… Read More Subliminal