The most viewed posts on the doctors bookshelf

The Doctors Bookshelf was one-year-old yesterday. Over the last 12-months it has blogged 60 posts, and reviewed over 50 books in the process. It has been difficult to predict which posts would capture people’s imaginations. To help out, here is the countdown of the 20 most viewed Doctors Bookshelf posts. =============================== 20. THE DRUNKARD’S WALK… Read More The most viewed posts on the doctors bookshelf

The Citadel

The Citadel Author: AJ Cronin   SYNOPSIS The Citadel is the fictional account of a newly qualified doctor. It details the personal and professional challenges he faced as he progresses from humble general practice in rural Wales, to lucrative private practice in central London. His attempt to balance high ethical standards with the demands of a successful medical… Read More The Citadel

Minimizing Medical Mistakes

Minimizing Medical Mistakes: The Art of Medical Decision Making Author: Richard K. Riegelman Synopsis This book looks at why doctors make mistakes, and what they can do to guard themselves against this. It reviews the doctor-patient relationship and how errors impair the diagnostic formulation and skew the investigation process. The author explores how the personality and attitude of doctors and patients… Read More Minimizing Medical Mistakes

Plain Words

The Complete Plain Words Author: Ernest Gowers Synopsis This classic work on written communication teaches invaluable lessons in how to ‘convey to your readers exactly what you intend to convey’ (page 1). The author explains how effective communication requires hard work, saying ‘few…things are more difficult than to find the right word, and many people are too lazy to try’ (page 4).… Read More Plain Words