The Doctors Bookshelf: Phase II

The Doctors Bookshelf was erected a little under 2 years ago. During this time it has hosted 76 blog posts, of which there were 64 book reviews.

Books HD. Abhi Sharma on Flikr.

The selected books covered a wide range of subjects, from creativity to safety culture, from decision-making to expertise. The book authors have included deep thinkers and workers, from Leonard Mlodinow to Jerome Groopman, from Malcolm Gladwell to Daniel Kahneman

The Doctors Bookshelf has just returned from a short retreat to recharge for Phase II. The next phase promises a diverse range of educational and intriguing books, just as the Phase I books have been. Watch out for titles from Flow to Freakonomics, from Irrationality to Stupidity, from Habits to Willpower.

Whilst there is no single theme linking the books in phase II, there is a subtle element of personal development in one way or the other. There is, therefore, no better book to kick off Phase II than Better by Atul Gawande.

Just before then however, we will take a short while to refresh the 64 previous book reviews. Over the next two weeks, building up to Phase II, we will be tweeting via our brand new twitter account, @DoctorBookshelf, to refresh your memory of these wonderful books. Why not follow us then, and keep a tab on the world of doctors books!

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