9 excellent books about viruses…for these ominous times

This blog is just half-way through its current series, 12 phenomenal books written by women doctors. We had planned to follow this with further interesting book review series, including one on viruses (honestly!) But then COVID-19 struck with withering ferocity, upsetting everything in its track.

By https://www.scientificanimations.comhttps://www.scientificanimations.com/wiki-images/, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The corona virus pandemic has also forced us to rethink our well-laid plan. This is to address the pressing need of these virulent times. We have decided to bring forward our series on viruses, but we will run this concurrently with our current series on ‘phenomenal women doctor-writers’. This will surely be challenging, but we believe achievable.

By Felipe Esquivel ReedOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Many of the books we will feature explore the nature of viruses: what are they, and what makes them tick? We will learn many surprising things; for example, much as we despise viruses, we need them for our very existence. The books dissect the very human aspects of viral epidemics, revealing a lot about the victims, physicians, activists, and politicians who are at the centre of each disastrous event. Very significantly, many of the books will address how to anticipate and fight future viral epidemics.

Below then are our 9 excellent books about viruses…for these ominous times.




A Planet of Viruses

by Carl Zimmer





by Frank Ryan



The Coming Plague

by Laurie Garrett




How to Survive a Plague

by David France



My Own Country

by Abraham Verghese




Voices in the Band

by Susan Ball




by Frank Ryan




The Vaccine Race

by Meredith Wadman




And the Band Played On

by Randy Shilts




So, keep up with this timely series.

First off the block shortly will be A Planet of Viruses





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