Patient HM: a triangulated review of 3 memorable books

Henry Gustav Molaison, known in life as Patient HM, is probably the most important patient in the history of the brain. His brain single-handedly enabled neuroscientists to understand the workings of memory. The unfortunate victim of brain surgery to relieve him of intractable epilepsy, he was left with a profound amnesia. Who was Henry Molaison? Over the next few weeks we will review three excellent books which explore his life, his brain, and his lessons. Each book is exhaustive, but each paints a slightly different picture of what the remarkable man actually taught us.




Permanent Present Tense

by Suzanne Corkin

Read the review




Patient HM

by Luke Dittrich

Read the review





by Donald McKay

Read the review



Watch this space!

Time Spiral. Alexandre-Duret-Lutz on Flikr.

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