From empathy to violence: 12 books on the power and perils of emotions

In our next book review series, we will be tackling the big one. Emotions are critical to our survival, but untethered, they threaten our relationships, and even our lives. Guided by 12 passionate books,  we will see the ingredients of our emotions, what happens when they go rogue, and how we can reign them in.

Emotion. Jeff Hitchcock on Flickr.


This is not the first time this blog will look at emotions. For example we have previously reviewed the excellent Empathy by Roman Krznaric, and What Doctors Feel by Danielle Ofri.





In the next 12 weeks, we will go even deeper and reflect on all shades of emotions, from fear to anger, empathy to violence, trauma to addictions, evil to racism. And our guides will be these 12 powerful books on the power of peril of emotions.



How Emotions are Made

by Lisa Feldman Barrett


Emotional Intelligence

by Daniel Goleman


The Emotional Brain

by Joseph LeDoux


Descartes’ Error

by Antonio Damasio


Against Empathy

by Paul Bloom


Zero Degrees of Empathy

by Simon Baron-Cohen


The Anatomy of Violence

by Adrian Raine


The Lucifer Effect 

by Philip Zimbardo


The Nazi Doctors

 by Robert Jay Lifton


If This is a Man

by Primo Levi


The Body Keeps the Score

by Bessel van der Kolk


In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

by Gabor Mate


So watch this space as we go through these books over the next few weeks.


Heads. Jonathan Kos-Read on Flickr.

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