A compelling history of surgery…in 7 riveting books

Our next series of book reviews will tackle the exhilarating and inspiring history of surgery. We will undertake a thrilling adventure with 7 gripping books which will explore the breathtaking operations and the revolutionary breakthroughs which dragged the field from its humble and reviled origins, to place it right at the heart of modern medical practice. We will live the lives of the countless iconic and innovative surgeons whose dedication and foresight established the field’s contemporary cutting-edge practice. Below are our 7 guides on this knife-edge, perilous, bloody, and uplifting voyage.


Blood and Guts

by Richard Hollingham


The Butchering Art

by Lindsey Fitzharris


The Knife Man

by Wendy Moore


Under the Knife

by Arnold Van De Laar


The Invention of Surgery

by David Schneider


The Matter of the Heart

by Thomas Morris


How Death Becomes Life

by Joshua Mezrich


So stay tuned as we start the thrilling journey next week with Blood and Guts

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