The most popular Doctors Bookshelf reviews of 2022

Since The Doctors Bookshelf launched with faltering steps in 2015.

2022 has proven to be our busiest year yet…

With more than 5,600 visitors and almost 15,000 views.


Visitors to the blog read 220 book reviews…

50 of which were freshly minted in 2022.

180 were however golden oldies from previous years…

 5 of which proved particularly popular and deserve special mention:


Smart Swarm

by Peter Miller


Descartes Error 

by Antonio Damasio


What Doctors Feel 

by Danielle Ofri



by Lisa Sanders


The Other Side 

by Kate Granger




But today is a celebration of the most popular book reviews posted in 2022

And these came under the remit of the following review series:




12 more fascinating books about the brain written by those who know it best


12 trailblazing women doctors and their inspiring stories


12 revolutionary medical breakthroughs in 12 outstanding books


The big six founding physicians of the Johns Hopkins Hospital


A compelling history of surgery in 7 riveting books




So here is the count down of…

The 20 most popular book reviews of 2022




20. Molecules of Emotion

by Candace Pert


19. Inventing Ourselves

by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore


18. Sophia Jex-Blake

by Shirley Roberts


17. Cicely Saunders

by David Clark


16. In Praise of Imperfection

by Rita Levi Montalcini


15. The Knife Man

by Wendy Moore


14. How Death Becomes Life

by Joshua Mezrich


13. The XX Brain

by Lisa Mosconi


12. The Idea of the Brain

by Matthew Cobb


11. Pathologist of the Mind

by S.D. Lamb


10. Virginia Apgar

by Xina M Uhl and Melanie Ann Appel


9. Madness and Memory

by Stanley Prussiner


8. Why We Sleep

by Matthew Walker


7. Mentored by a Mad Man

by A.J. Lees


6. Minds Behind the Brain

by Stanley Finger


5. How the Brain Lost its Mind

by Allan Ropper and B.D. Burrell


4. The Butchering Art

by Lindsey Fitzharris


3. Brain Fables

by Alberto Espay and Benjamin Stecher


2. Brainspotting

by A.J. Lees


1. Dementia Reimagined

by Tia Powell



Looking forward 2023, what will likely be our our penultimate year…

We still have the following book review series in stock:




10 incredibly moving patient memoirs about the brain

12 deadly plagues of humanity in 12 outstanding books

Around the brain with 10 more phenomenal books

12 perceptive books on the convolutions of mental health

The 4 giants of the nursing profession and the books that celebrate their exceptional works

Around the body in 10 more enlightening books




So stay in touch with The Doctors Bookshelf

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