The Citadel

The Citadel Author: AJ Cronin   SYNOPSIS The Citadel is the fictional account of a newly qualified doctor. It details the personal and professional challenges he faced as he progresses from humble general practice in rural Wales, to lucrative private practice in central London. His attempt to balance high ethical standards with the demands of a successful medical… Read More The Citadel

Where are the best book lists for doctors?

The Doctors Bookshelf is all about recommending books which all doctors should read. It has a focus on topics such as patient safety, human factors, leadership, decision making, creativity, and innovation. The scope is however wide, from bench to bedside, from classroom to boardroom. The Bookshelf Sections are therefore quite diverse.     The books I review are mostly self-discovered but I am… Read More Where are the best book lists for doctors?

Cutting for Stone

Cutting for Stone Author: Abraham Verghese SYNOPSIS This is a fascinating family saga written by a professor of Medicine whose Indian heritage and Ethiopian background permeate the book. He tells a tale which crosses the generations, and traverses several continents. Set in a missionary hospital in Addis Ababa, the story reaches back in time to colonial India, and accelerates to… Read More Cutting for Stone

What works of fiction should doctors read?

Readers of this blog would have observed the themes behind my book recommendations. The bulk of the books so far have been about safety culture, human factors, decision-making, and leadership. I had intended from the outset to review some works of fiction, but only if they contain lessons to aid doctors in their professional practice. It would have been far… Read More What works of fiction should doctors read?