Talking with Patients and Families about Medical Error

Talking with Patients and Families about Medical Error Authors: Robert Troug, David Browning, Judith Johnston, Thomas Gallagher SYNOPSIS This book addresses the often overlooked subject of communication between physicians and patients following adverse events. It set out ‘… to explore the critical yet exceptionally difficult conversations that follow adverse events and errors…’ (page xiv). The authors explored the sentiments underpinning… Read More Talking with Patients and Families about Medical Error

Beyond the Checklist

Beyond the Checklist: What Else Health Care Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety Authors: Suzanne Gordon, Patrick Mendenhall, Bonnie Blair O’Connor BOOK CONTENTS What lessons should healthcare really learn from aviation safety? What ‘major cultural and behavioural shifts’, beyond checklists and briefing protocols, define aviation safety? (page 9). This book is about the core aviation values which, the authors stress,… Read More Beyond the Checklist

The Patient’s Guide to Preventing Medical Errors

The Patient’s Guide to Preventing Medical Errors Author: Karin Janine Bernsten BOOK CONTENTS Patient safety is a top priority for medicine and there are a variety of resources available to healthcare workers on how to prevent medical errors. There are however very few books written for patients to protect themselves from healthcare-related harm. The author ‘found… Read More The Patient’s Guide to Preventing Medical Errors

Safety at the Sharp End

Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-Technical Skills Authors: Rhona Flin, Paul O’Connor, Margaret Chrichton BOOK CONTENTS This book addresses the non-technical skills that maintain safety in high-risk industries. The authors define these as the ‘cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills, and contribute to safe and efficient task performance’ (page… Read More Safety at the Sharp End

After Harm

  After Harm: Medical Error and the Ethics of Forgiveness Author: Nancy Berlinger BOOK CONTENTS This book is the outcome of the author’s disappointment with the iconic Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, To Err is Human, which did not mention the subject of forgiveness. The author points out that the report’s title is adapted from a… Read More After Harm